Boston is one of the loveliest cities with yummy sea food, amazing architecture and undoubtedly wonderful people and its 4th time already for Mazda, all bitty visits and yet again some other time to rock in as 10 hours later it’s gonna be first time experience forever. Excited!!!

Firstly sleeplessness. Then blank head. Above all hurry. Gotta 7 pm class to catch at York university for whom Mazda offered a ride all the way to Toronto from Boston. Why would it miss a if-not-now-then-never chance to drive to another country all by itself. No flight, no cruise, no rail. Not any other public transport. Just on its own wheels. All it got is PA registered license, H1B owner with visiting Canadian visa and zero thoughts how immigration gonna be while driving self. 560 miles. 8.5 hours without breaks excluding immigration stuff. Those are the moments it enjoy. Nerve-racking. Let’s go.


Half an hour and on I-90 already that will take all the way to Niagara waterfalls where we would cross one of the prettiest arch bridge Lewiston-Queenston. Just can’t wait. Pit stop for fuel. Daily chores and ofcourse we need breakfast but never make another mistake to grab from McD. Just not my stuff. Back on track. Nice weather. Melody songs. Smooth ride and fall colors as we pass thru just got better. Springfield. Albany. Utica. Refill  ⛽️ but no food.

May be (excitement + fright)^happiness just killed it. Syracuse. Buffalo and Niagra falls. New York is a beautiful state. Each and every city has its  own pride. 5+ hours drive thru showcased its picturesqueness. I only wish to capture these shots in Canon but ain’t got no time. 40mph once we are in Niagara Falls area to experience the drive on arch bridge.

Difficult to concentrate on surrounds when left brain got Maps while right one imagines the whereabouts and totally aware its a highline entering from an exit ramp but 5 sec later. Boooom. Biggg flag and Bienvenue au Canada. We are already in.

Can’t really imagine such a humongous arch bridge passed in seconds, moreover it’s just one more car behind us. Expected to be heavily occupied bridge all time. And no checking out of USA?? Watta relief after all stuff we go thru in airport security check. Downside no snap.

We couldn’t even pull out our immigration documents, so we halted right in the immigration line of cars, pulled stuff out and ready to enter


All smiles and excited wished Good morning to Immigration officer who doesn’t even care to open up. Ya I know it’s afternoon, just still awestruck that I am in a different country in my own Mazda without any hassle. He just didn’t took it right. Probably his wife dint serve poutine with French fries.

We had a 4 minute conversation before our documents are collected from ‘if they say GM back in my part of world in afternoon’ to ‘your teachers got all wrong’. I forcibly passed- Canadian vs American or probably Indian. Omg. Did I just sigh? Yup. Back in mood. Yay!! ?? Canada ?? maple and maple. It’s just as free, easy and cheap as McD drive thru paying $ 3.50 IPASS toll. 6 minutes past bridge, I am on Canadian road reading “Welcome to Ontario” with a big ??. Here  again  ?? and there big again  ??. I know I have same feeling here catching up with so many flags. West all over sure is so crazy about flags.

Canada it is.

Not much different from America. Or perhaps I shouldn’t even call 51st state? but it’s a total different country. Hurray! Before we fly on Queens Elizabeth way, why would even miss an early chance to have a glimpse of much awaited Niagara’s stunning Canadian view when we have full 2.5 hour to hit class. ‘U’ turn and back to Nigara. Only mistake I don’t wanna do or at least hope is that I don’t cross border unknowingly and stuck in immigration ?. So drive slow, got couple of amazing views on the way but when we are on the spot. Sure it’s not that easy. Parking is pain in…ya.. brain. Don’t wanna take a chance. So head back.

One hour drive. Peak traffic time. So it’s gonna be 1.5 hour. KMPH gonna be strange for a while. QE way is definitely one of the perfect roadways in Canada with Lake Ontario views. Man. Great Lakes of America cannot be called lakes. They are so huge, ships can sail thru and can hear waves. Forget about other side of shoreline. Coming back to traffic. Umm ya may b it’s better south. Honks and close moves and sure lot of cars. And hey hi there PA car, so you been driving too all the way?


Its York University. Pleasant evening college atmosphere. Yes. Canadian girls look great. Parking paid. Hit room. Hi friends. Excuse me. Flat on bed. Much needed. Refresh time. Move car to safe location, I mean yes free parking. Walk around. Breath-in the college air. Back to room. Yummy pizza and Grrrrrrrrrrr.

13 hours of sleep to rejuvenate and back on wheels. Quick lunch and time to hit Toronto Downtown. BlueJays everywhere. Rogers Center is going crazy. Lovely time to visit. Toronto Railway Museum is a great start. Roundhouse with a turntable is a beautiful concept to accommodate multiple railroads in a very small area. Street Performances are on high scale everywhere due to large crowd and sure they providing a great time for everyone around.

And it’s time for the centerpiece.

CN tower.

Just not 360 but Edge Walk to experience the fall. It is one of the best thrilling experiences and extreme adventure. Lake Ontario. Rogers Center. Billy Bishop Airport. Union Station. Ripleys. Yonge square. First Canadian. All of them way down under 1170 ft. Not any different from my other octoventures  (October + Adventures, iSANs word?), its a lot windy than usual, still sufficient to permit Edge Walk to potentiate Adrenaline levels. Guide has to pull me out of building to make a first step on the ramp when combined with wind thrust and fear burst. I wouldn’t say a cake walk but sure did enjoy thoroughly  all views and stunts once we understand that these chords gonna hold a fully occupied school bus and we wouldn’t be air dropped but can be pulled back even in a fall. Can’t believe an hour passed so quickly.

Yonge street. Longest street in the world. And then there is Times Square. Yes. Yonge-Dundas square. Lovely place. Can just sit for hours enjoying all the performances around. And perfect time to catch up an old friend with a Red Bull. End of the day it’s Blue Jays lead Indians by 5-1. Party time.

Yonge Street in Toronto

Good morning ☀️ and it’s my favorite part

Drive thru 401 along the banks of Lake Ontario. Hit Thousand Islands Park and enter back to temp-home land. Go Pro ready. Fuel check. Tim Hortons bagel binge. Fall colors are stunning all the way and Sun is just perfect. Couple of road-not-takens to drive close to Lake. It got beautiful views and beaches are just lovely that I wish I can live here forever. Thousand Islands park just impressed in its own way. Rocky beaches. Tiny islands. Trails. Fauna. Exhibits and wineries. Not the stuff for a day. Already missing being in Canada and it got worse when “Exit 137 to USA” sign shows up. One thing in the miss list –  Canadian gorgeous dollar bills but managed to grab “Canada EH! “ magnetic strip. Canada amused so much, for sure another visit.

Immigration is cool again. Pretty lady officer. Smiles. Usual 3 questions. No car check up and thus pulled back from all of my cheerful mood. Fall colors are still lovely as always but m just too tired to enjoy. 2 30 hours past Syracuse. 0 miles to empty tank. Thank god this gas station is working. Quick nap and then back on track. 4 hours to catch heavy Z’s in my well cushioned warm blanket. But this drive is gonna be long. Beautiful sunset but heavy eyes. I wouldn’t miss again to catch the sunset on beautiful Whitney Point pit stop, if only I could back up on highway.

Experience the Fall
Kettlebail State Forest, NY

Like Coconut water in hot Sun, its a moment to cheer for 25000 miles on Mazda when both “Welcome to Pennsylvania” and “Thank you. Visit again-  New York ” appeared.

Next 4 hours. 6 stops.

To catch up with sleep. hunger. fuel. darkness and worst thing to happen on PA roads – Rain. At 9:36 PM, I gathered last few blocks of energy crossing I76 toll booth. 9:47. Keys jingled. 49. Grrrrrrrrrr. Uff. Grrrrrrrrrrr. Nothing could beat the satisfaction of 16 hour straight sleep. Like I have all the energy now to win this world and ya perhaps write about this stuff.

It’s been like ages already. Ya sure why not after all the follow ups we do to collect photos from friends after the trip. Gonna need more for my video. Alexa. Trigger message to Pirr. “Send videos. Ni bancha kaal mokta” Sorry I din understand that. Sure you cannot Alexa. Who else can please.

Acquaint with Canada more here :


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