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Colosseum Views
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All Roads Lead to Rome

Visiting Rome reveals its timeless allure, from the panoramic views during a coastal train journey to the awe-inspiring Colosseum and the vibrant life at local piazzas and markets. Experiencing the city’s historic architecture, indulging in local cuisine, and engaging with the Romans offers a deep, authentic connection to this ancient metropolis. The best approach is unstructured exploration, appreciating both major landmarks and the hidden gems of Rome.

Eiffel Tower in Paris on a sunny day
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Top 10 things to do in Paris

In an enchanting first trip to Europe, beginning in Paris, the journey kicked off with an adrenaline-pumped view of the Eiffel Tower. Utilizing efficient public transportation and Google tools, key attractions like the Catacombs, Trocadero, and Montmartre were explored, savoring local delicacies and embracing the historic ambiance of Paris. Each site visited, from Notre Dame to the Louvre, added a unique layer to the Parisian experience, highlighted by street art and scenic strolls, fully immersing in the city’s vibrant culture.