Yay!! My first post! I have been dreaming about writing official blogs for years and never pushed myself to the edge until tonight when I am in the office on Friday with a supervisor at the other side of my cabin thinking what good is he for my company and my friends at Casino playing blackjack. Ah, that’s just a dramatic introduction you know.

For any serious blogger, it takes a lot of research to browse thru various tools and sites to lay out the best foundation and I can’t promise I did enough but am ready to do some real stuff. I always love to write stuff for people either to learn or admire. Travel and Food are two eyes of nature. Too dramatic? Lol. They are definitely most intimate for me? So here it is. An era begins and it’s iSANs? My magazine lists posts about you know what by now.

Cheers.. iSANs! 

About Author

“Be a Roman when in Rome” is the first travel quote I heard. Soon I realize every place is unique. Wondering how it is? Well that's why the stories here are for. Enjoy reading them!

With so many lovely places on this earth, different cultures and variety of food, exploring one at a time while leading a crazy IT professional life. In short, call me Explorer, be it places, food or IT. See you around!