Las Vegas, the major party hub of the United States is one destination everyone will love to experience. It is a world within itself with casinos, clubs, resorts and every person has something to enjoy and will have the best fun ever. Since “What happens in Vegas stay in Vegas”, no further details about our visit but let’s see what else one can do around Vegas after some heavy parties were hit. Get ready to witness red rocks, vast deserts, empty long roads, and sand storms.

Sandstone Mountains just outskirts of Las Vegas
Sandstone Mountains all around Vegas

 1. Hoover Dam

Just outside Vegas, 30 miles from the city is Hoover Dam aka Boulder Dam over the mighty Colorado River known for its large volume and is the largest reservoir in the United States when it’s full. It is as tall as 60 story building and was the highest dam when completed in 1935. This mammoth structure in the Black Canyon of Colorado river attracts millions of people yearly.

Hoover Dam
Hoover Dam  – Penstock towers with Bypass road behind

Hoover Dam has so much concrete that can lay road from San Francisco to New York City.

Move to the Arizona side of the dam for scenic views and there are several sightseeing spots along the small roads that lead to the top of the mountain next to the Dam.

Hoover Dam - Things to do around Las Vegas
Arizona rim spillway amid canyon

Then if you are proceeding to Grand Canyon which you probably will, you are in luck to drive on a huge Bypass road but it is illegal to stop on the bridge. Just enjoy the beautiful view of Dam and the Colorado River. Drive to Grand Canyon after you get down 95-South will be pretty as you will be traveling amid trees and beautiful mountains. Watch for Scenic spots to admire the desert’s beauty.

Joshua Tree National Park
Joshua Tree National Park – On the way to Grand Canyon

2. Grand Canyon Skywalk

Welcome to the Grand Canyon, a natural wonder carved by the Colorado river with colorful rock layers aging billions of years and drawing millions of visitors every year. After a 2-hour drive from Hoover Dam, the closest and popular spot in Grand Canyon is Grand Canyon Skywalk which is in Grand Canyon West Rim. Skywalk is a horseshoe-shaped bridge with a glass walkway 4000 feet above Grand Canyon extending 70 feet out over the Canyon Rim offering unparalleled views.

Grand Canyon - Must do around Las Vegas
Grand Canyon West Rim

Skywalk is managed by a local tribe and is outside the Grand Canyon National Park. Don’t be shocked by the prices. Tourism is the primary income of the Hualapai Tribe. One cannot drive past the designated parking area and must take the tour bus to visit the Skywalk and other scenic spots. Tickets will be available in the Tour Center and all further directions will be provided there. There is one package that covers most of the attractions – Skywalk, Eagle Point, Guano Point, and Hualapai Ranch. Get Tickets here.

Things to do in Grand Canyon
Hualapai Ranch

Hualapai Ranch – a quick stop before proceeding to the most popular spot. Westworld fan?

You will love the place. Well-built horses, cowboys, jail, restaurants, and vintage carriages are all it is about. Craving for worldly views? This is not the right stop. Board the bus back for one of its kind.

Here you go – Canyon’s west rim viewpoint. At once, aah will be the first expression looking at the gigantic rims. The colors throughout the Canyon are amazingly picture-perfect. Views can never get boring and it will definitely take some time to gather some guts to get to the edge of the rim and figure out how deep is the rim. It took 12 sec for a small rock to hit the bottom rock and that’s how deep it is. Yes, we heard an echo. And then Skywalk. It is definitely once in a lifetime experience to walk 4000 feet above the Canyon. Be ready to spend extra bucks to capture the moments as personal phones and cameras are not allowed on Skywalk. Eagle Point where the Canyon looks like Eagle with its widespread wings is just across the Canyon from the Skywalk.

Water, water, water is all you need, all the time in Grand Canyon.

Take the bus again for the best views of the West Rim – Guano Point.

Eat well, gather some energy, drink water before proceeding to Guano Point as it has at least a mile hike in the scorching sun to experience the splendid views. The canyon from the top of the mountain is amazing which shows several lines of Rim caused by the fierce Colorado River. It leaves us in awe-state exclaiming about the wonders of nature.

Things to do around Grand Canyon
Guano Top-Point

This is just probably 5% of the Grand Canyon. To experience more in style, one will have to hike thru Havasu Falls which will approx. take 5 days and at least 6 months advance reservation is required for mules and accommodation. Also, Grand Canyon South Rim is known for its spectacular views, the best of Grand Canyon which is 140 miles south and will require few more days to hike. Of course, rim to rim hike is most popular in Grand Canyon which will need reservations at least a year in advance. Colorado river rafting is yet another best option to explore Grand Canyon.

Well, with just a day to explore, there is one other beautiful destination to experience – Horseshoe Bend. We spent the night in Flagstaff about mid-point from Skywalk to Horseshoe bend after driving thru heavy rain and sand storm. Flagstaff is a very nice place with a history of its own. It has several hotels and restaurants at an affordable price and is one of the best places to spend a night around the Grand Canyon.

Sunrise in Flagstaff, Arizona
Sunrise near Flagstaff

Drive to Horseshoe Bend in the early morning thru the deserts of Arizona is very pleasant. Red rocks shining with Sun presents multiple spots to take pictures all along the way.

3. Horseshoe Bend

Horseshoe bend is one of the breathtaking spots on the earth. Paradise of photographers for its colors and gorgeous scenic views, this place was formed by the Colorado River cutting thru the rock horseshoe-shaped in the canyon.

Horseshoe Bend - A short and beautiful hike
Beautiful rock structures make hike easy

Located just outside the Grand Canyon National Park, this has been the most favorite spot for visitors due to its vivid and spectacular views. It is a short less than a mile hike from the parking spot just next to Hwy-89 and the hike is well worth it. You will be walking on sand from the Jurassic period so watch out for fossils 🙂 Take good care while walking on the edge of the rim and be cautious of surroundings while moving from one rock to the other to capture the best views of the horseshoe bend.

Carry wide angle lens to get the best complete shot of the Horseshoe bend.

Horseshoe Bend - A beautiful place
Horseshoe bend

Got more time? Experience “The Wave” in Antelope Canyon, one of the most photographed landscapes in the United States formed by water erosion.

It is a beauty of its own and has limited tours daily, so at least 6-month advance reservations are recommended for most popular early morning tours.

Drive back to Vegas thru North Arizona to experience Valley of Fire State Park along the way for its spectacular views. There are several spots just on the road making it the perfect place for the best photographs.

Valley of Fire State Park
Drive in Arizona

Arizona is a land of wonders and all the red rock adds up to beautiful scenic places all along with the state. There are hundreds of spots and can spend weeks exploring them. Monument Valley, Angel’s Landing in Zion National park, Bryce Canyon National Park are just a few others on the list. Also to the west of Las Vegas within a two-hour drive is – Death Valley National Park, one of the hottest places in the world and popular for featuring “sailing stones”.

But wherever you go around Vegas, few things to take note of:

  1. Be cautious of surroundings.
  2. Stay on trails only.
  3. Watch for snakes, coyotes, and other wildlife.
  4. Carry lots of water.
  5. Be aware of whereabouts by carrying GPS.
  6. Check Sunrise and Sunset times.
  7. Carry a jacket and plan well between spots so you are at a safe location before sunset.

And above all, Happy Exploring!!!

Watch this video to get a brief look about Arizona Roads:

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