Yes, he names so everything. Even his Instagram page. Ewwww. I have heard about it so much that I couldn’t think of any other name for this post. Ah, and who cares he loves it and has something to return in favor, after all, we have been together. At least, I came into existence for him. He had been lovely taking care of me and my car all the time.

Sep 16, 20:38.

I was sitting on the document and looking anxiously at this man while he was signing which could probably be the agreement to take me over from my dealer. I hear him saying it’s his first car and poor guy, signing all unnecessary offers to take good care. Of course, it’s good for us. So it all started………

My first car
The day I am home…

On a bright day when José Luis received his first call of the day and wished Hola Como Estas chewing his almuerzo. I knew I might be ready for my expedition as I was next on the list. He started putting us together soon and placed a card showing it reserved for Mr.Pinjerla, I only hoped for good hands. Then we are all set to travel miles farther.

Perfectly loaded in the truck at Salamanca, Mexico along with a few of my other friends. All set for a bumpy long ride but the driver gotta take us safely unless he wanna lose his job. So I am gonna take a long nap probably for 68 hours before Mr.Pinjerla zooms me into the Mazda style with his skills. Along the way once I woke up, I knew we were in Texas seeing all hats and shotguns around, and I sure didn’t wanna encounter any unwanted scenes, slept again.

Next is Chicago, one of the prettiest cities I heard of. I am gonna live here if Mr.Pinjerla does. Hope he is. Sep 14 before sunrise, we arrived in Continental Mazda, Naperville. It’s a beautiful suburb. Clean and Green. I am a bit jealous of the beautiful BMWs on the left and ravishing Range Rovers on the right but we have our style. SKYActiv technology is our secret to zooom-zooom and I am sure Mr.Pinjerla loves me. It’s a day after when the Service team looked at us for the final check-up and on the 16th night I am all settled near the front door freshly washed and beautifully scented waiting for him.

My first car
Yes it’s just 4 miles to drive from Mexico

There he comes in a Honda Accord accompanied by two friends.

He smiled eyeing me before proceeding to the dealer and came back after confirming that this was the car he gonna own. He made a soft touch, circled the car, started pulling covers out of fresh seats, and for the first time grabbed me, traced his fingertips along my curve , looked at me adorably, and left me back in my slot beside his seat which he calls it as my couch.  Felt the steering and looks like he is all set to drive me home. He took me back in with him, signed a few docs, and bid goodbye to Karl who sold me out for a good deal.

My first car
Covered as promised..

The first night my car was down there enjoying the fall climate and I was left on the table seeing him grrrrring and could tell by his smile he was dreaming about my car. I was all alone on Friday until sunset and then had a little drive around Naperville. Downtown is sure beautiful with vintage shops that made me feel I am in my 1920s again but only filled by futurists. He held me and had ice cream from Frost Gelato which I hear is a great place and their hangout spot.

My first car
One of many sunrises in Mid-West and East – ISANs

That next week we were accompanied by Audi to a nearby Indian temple and we did what they call Pooja where the priest chanted all mantras, showered flowers in my car and I am sure he wrote something on my engine. Very soon I was given plate iSANs 78, well he claims it as his now and abbreviated for “its SANdeeps”, oops never say that aloud for security reasons 😛 Anyway, I couldn’t figure out about 78 all my life.

Starting the next day, we have been to several foodie spots- Bombay Chopsticks in Schaumburg, Hyderabad House in Devon, Gaylord, Girl and the Goat in Downtown, and then every other day to his work where he boasts about my car and the pleasure driving it while I suffer in his worn-out backpack pockets.

My first car
Aurora Temple

A couple of months we moved to so pretty location – Wheeling and its long journey to work.

So I get a lot of rest except on weekends. Very soon I have been to Mongolian, Ethiopian, American, French, Mediterranean, Italian, Chinese, Thai, lot of Indian or perhaps I should say Hyderabadi, Jaipurese, Mumbaiwala, Namma Tamil, Kolkatagulla and so on.

Chicago is so diverse and amazes me with its beautiful architecture. I played on the sky deck ledge 1451 ft above ground, watched gorgeous views from Signature Hancock Center, and walked Millineum Mile with Girardelli in his other hand. I hate when he makes me drive in peak hours on I90 but JFK expressway has beautiful views of downtown skyscrapers.

My first car
First fall for Mazda…

It took more than a month for him to allow a passenger in my car but then I drove Shine, Rain or snow. I can add the adjective ‘extreme’ to all those sometimes, yes I am in CHICAGO. He Facetimed and iMessaged while driving which made me furious and doubted if he cared about us but Touchwood everything is going great and it’s ok I think I can admire his driving skills.

We have been to every nook and corner of Chicago with crazy partners and had fun day and night alone and together. Thank god for good air-conditioning, I always felt good and comfy on my couch and my car is safe with Sky-Activ technology and blind spot detection though he zoom-zoomed course a little glitch while on I290 in early 2016, I blame his braking skills and FaceTime. Of course, I am safe and lucky I can rest for a while after running nonstop for 9k.

My first car
Pity me…

About 7 months I believe, we moved to Philadelphia with 10000 mile mark.

Missing Chicago so much, we started with fully packed luggage. People here already gave not good reviews about the place, so expecting a dull life. Moreover, no friends? Terrifying.  He said he needed a change when we were in Potawatomi Woods, so here we go. New place. New roads. Against all odds, I love this greenery already.

My first car
Among Potawatomi woods

Independence week. Changed my course forever. He realized NYC is less than 2 hours and until now (oh ya not ‘now’ until last month; btw I am the twin brother of the narrator and I have to make this edit as I have to at least keep things truthful after my loss) I have no idea how many heck number of times we visited. Of course, it could not have been possible without friends. And there are a lot of friends. I am full and always heavily loaded but these are great times. Sure. Fast and Furious. 15 and 20k very soon.

He has been counting that I have visited 26 states on 25k miles, and yes proud to add Canada to travelist (another iSANs word, anything can go along with travel), that’s a splendid trip. Lovely times in NYC, beautiful sightseeing, pleasant east coast, lovely weather, never-ending roads, crazy road trips, overloaded friends, long journeys, all going fine until that morning. Oh did I mention that he has been taking great care of my car? 5 services on time for every 5k mark, just two small dings but a scratch on the front bumper, what else do you expect after you park in NYC?

My first car
Beast stands in Second Fall… Or shall I say.. sssh..Its suspense..

5:12 AM, 26412. Friday, Nov 25, 2016.  

I95N. Speeding towards the beautiful resort Met the Deer. I have no idea what actually happened but I could see the startled look with green eyes on his face from my comfy couch and merely went back to rest for a moment as I can never read his face even after driving with him so much but then after some topsy-turvyness, I was handed over to an unknown person. I can still remember the look on his face when George asked for me. Why not, there is less than a hand count who handled me for the past year.

Later I was put to rest further away from any human being, so couldn’t figure out much, and more details awaiting. But then things changed drastically. I was sitting on this service center shelf for three days in a different state 56 miles away from my worrying twin brother. The next blue day I heard that it is not safe to hand over again to Mr.Pinjerla as per NHTSA. Is this happening for real? Expected this someday close to 36k as we would be pretty much worn out but not so quick when even at the 26k mile mark we were pretty young and I am sure we could feel a new car smell somewhere inside.

Perhaps this might be iSAN’s early Christmas gift straight from Santa on Blitzen.

Maybe he deserves better. Like Mega Star preached Aishwarya will always appear in the area the next day. even Mega Power star showed true love vanishes after a while and finally iSANs himself knew that too much of anything leads to nothing.

A fortnight later here I am amongst his best souvenirs secured by raho umarless panda and bngrm while my then-owner, now-buddy tucked in his well-cushioned couch with Artois streaming Westworld in a dark room missing my twin brother god-know-his-whereabouts after his enterprise failed to drive in the snow made ice where my Mazda could have zoomed.

He helped me write our autobiography as he traveled all the time while I sleep-slept-slept all this while in the iSANs drawer but we always talked and now it’s my turn to finish on behalf of him or moreover like paying respects. Miss you, brother. At least we both know we are happy that we remained as iSANs forever. I requested Sandy to click a picture of mine and post one of my twins. He also included a few of my cars in between when I asked him to proofread. Such a sweet-ass [thats not me, I didn’t tell you that, always makes me look dirty with his deeds all my life]

My first car
Now I rest here… As always iSANs…

Love forever whatever! iSANs

{Writing inspired by Orhan Pamuk, my favorite style from My Name is Red though I have yet to complete it since 7 years but inspired so much to make my quote “Look things differently, Do things differently” since then}

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